7 Kristen Stewart Videos Guaranteed to Get you Off

7 Kristen Stewart Videos Guaranteed to Get you Off

Sexy actress Kristen Stewart has had a very storied career. She started out as a young hottie in that sparkly vampire movie, where she became famous for her lack of emotion. I, however, saw great potential in her tight petite figure. Her career boasts 53 credits, who knew? I’m only familiar with a few and I’ve found some of her best scenes to put on display here for your enjoyment.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #1

In this video, Kristen Stewart is getting undressed in a closet and we get a fantastic show. She is wearing a yellow t-shirt and black jeans. She begins by pulling her t-shirt, along with her bra, over her head and discards them on the floor. It is at this moment where we get a fantastic view of Kristen’s perky tits. They are as great as I had imagined. She then quickly pulls her pants down and steps out of them, revealing her firm ass in a sexy pair of black thong panties. She is facing the camera, so we still get a nice look at her tits, which means that her back (and ass) is out of our view. Fortunately, there is a mirror right behind her that gives us a perfect view of Kristen Stewart’s firm, tight ass.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #2

In our second video, Kristen is still topless and wearing only a thong. She is trying on some weird vest type thing that conveniently has holes in it that allow her perky tits to peek out. After she puts on the vest, she walks over to a shelf, which is closer to the camera and we get to see her perky tits up close. Very nice.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #3

In our third fap-worthy Kristen Stewart video, she is still in the closet, topless and wearing only a thong. She is close to the camera in this one and we get more great views of her perky tits. She bends over and picks up a see through bra and turns around to give us a view of her amazing ass.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #4

This fourth video is one of the best. She has removed the vest and begins putting on the bra that she found on the floor. The bra is super see-through, so we are still getting an eye full of those tits. She is also conveniently standing in front of the mirror, so we are getting a look from both sides.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #5

The fifth video finds Kristen Stewart still partially nude, but somewhat covered. We still have a good view of her ass. She is wearing a bra, but it is very see-through. Kristen begins to get dressed in this video. She puts some tight black shorts on over the thong panties.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #6

Hot Video #6 has Kristen Stewart away from the closet and she is at the doctor’s office. She is completely topless and her firm tits are on full display. At first she is lying on the table, then sits up and stands up from the table. Kristen walks right by the camera – topless and boobs jiggling with each step.

Kristen Stewart Hot Video #7

In our 7th and final Kristen Stewart sexy video, she is fully clothed but I guess all that nudity has gotten her all worked up. She is lying in bed and wearing a black dress. She is rubbing her tight pussy while she is squirming in pleasure.