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Jennette McCurdy Sexy Videos [Happy Birthday!]

Jennette McCurdy Sexy Videos and Pictures

Well, today is a special day. One of my favorite sexy celebrities is turning 28 years old. Hard to believe. She has a very interesting career that started out with her being a child star on some Nickelodeon television show. But I digress, that’s not what we are all gathered here for. We are here for the McCurdy booty. So, without further ado – here my first Jennette McCurdy sexy post.

Jennette McCurdy Bending Over and Shaking her Ass

We will start out this post with what has probably become one of my favorite sexy videos of Jennette. She is on camera doing some type of livestream and points her ass right towards the camera and bends over while shaking her ass. Those ass cheeks are jiggling as they bounce off of each other. It is quite a sight to behold.

Jennette McCurdy bending over while shaking her ass.

Admiring Her Tits and Ass in a Mirror

This next sexy video of Jennette McCurdy has been spread far and wide, but it’s still worth watching a few hundred times every time I am reintroduced to it. In this video, Jennette is changing clothes in front of a mirror. She begins by removing her shirt and revealing only her bra. She then grabs those boobs and pulls them up while admiring them. No doubt her nipples got hard during that scene. The she removes her pants and is only wearing some nice panties. Finally we get a close up look at Jennette McCurdy’s plump ass as she tries to squeeze it into a pair of tight shorts.

Jennette McCurdy admiring her tits and ass in a mirror.

Jennette McCurdy Cleavage Downblouse Picture

This next example of Jennette McCurdy sexiness is just a picture, unfortunately. Even though, it is still just as epic as some of her hottest videos. This picture is one of Jennette bending over in a very loose fitting shirt. We get to see all the way down to her navel right between her nice and firm cleavage. In addition, she is not wearing a bra. So, the sexiness is off the charts for this one.

Jennette McCurdy cleavage downblouse
Jennette McCurdy downblouse cleavage.

Jennette McCurdy Showing off her Ass and Tummy

In this next sexy video of Jennette McCurdy showing off her sexy body, she is in front of the camera and pulls up her shirt to reveal her very flat tummy, pauses for us to get a nice eye full, the turns to the side to show us the profile of her sexy ass. Then as a bonus, Jennette reaches back and slaps her ass as if she just wanted to show off that nice jiggle to all of her fans. Super hot.

Jennette McCurdy showing off her ass and tummy.

Ass in a Thong and See Through Pants

Yes, you read that right. There’s a video of Jennette McCurdy wearing see through pants. They are not 100% see through, but we can see enough that it is very clear she is only wearing a thong under those pants. Maybe she forgot what she was wearing (she didn’t), but she walked right in front of the camera and gave us a nice look at one of the best starlet asses in history.

Jennette McCurdy ass in a thong and see through pants.

Jennette McCurdy Nipple Pokies

This next example is only a picture, but it is definitely including in this list. It is a picture of Jennette taking a selfie of her nipples poking through her shirt. She shared the picture on what looks like snapchat with the caption “Jen Anist-ing it”. This Jen is definitely giving the other Jen a run for her money in the hard nipple department. One notable thing is that the shirt isn’t even tight on Jennette – I can only imagine what those nips would look like in a skin tight shirt.

Jennette McCurdy nipple pokies
Jennette McCurdy nipple pokies braless.

Some Girl Grabbing Jennette’s Boobs

In the next video, some lucky girl just reaches up and grabs Jennette’s boobs. Apparently, she didn’t mind, because she immediately reached out and gave the girl a big hug. I can just imagine what (or who) went down after the cameras were shut off.

Some girl grabbing Jennette McCurdy’s boobs.

Hot in a White Outfit

This video features Jennette at some awards show. She is wearing a very sexy white pants suit. The top is almost as revealing as a bra and the pants, while not skin tight, they are just tight enough to reveal the nice shape of Jennette’s ass. It begins with a nice shot of her cleavage and she walks past the camera, then the camera gives us a nice view of her ass.

Jennette McCurdy hot in a white outfit.

Jennette McCurdy Nude?

As I was doing my research for this post, I decided to do a quick search to see if our darling Jennette had ever been photographed while she was nude. I really didn’t find anything at first, but then I found a video that claims to have some pictures on Jennette McCurdy nude. It’s really difficult to see if they are authentic, but I guess that’s what imaginations are for, right?


And that’s my tribute to Jennette McCurdy on her 28 birthday. I have always found her to be extremely sexy (after she turned 18, of course) and she seems like she would be genuinely fun to hang out with.

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